Physiotherapy for Sexual Dysfunction

What is it?

Normal female sexual function considers the aspects of a typical sexual response cycle including desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution. Female sexual dysfunction occurs when one or more of these aspects does not function to the client’s satisfaction.

Who does it affect?

It can affect women of any age who are sexually active or are unable to be sexually active due to one or more of the above issues. Clinically, it is commonly seen in women in the post-natal period or during and after menopause.

How can it be treated?

Female sexual dysfunction is a complex multi-factorial situation. Many health professionals may work collaboratively to assist a client with these concerns. A physiotherapist’s role in this situation is to manage any physical component to this dysfunction, such as pain, issues with positioning as well as pelvic floor muscle training to support normal sexual function.

What can Embodied Confidence by Leonie Mills Physio do for me?

Leonie will take a thorough history of your concerns. With your consent, a comprehensive assessment will be completed to determine the treatment required. This will likely involve a combination of physiotherapy and another specialty such as engaging your GP for short-term medical support. Physiotherapy input will include education regarding the sexual response cycle and managing any physical factors associated with your concerns such as pelvic floor muscle training. Follow-up appointments will be provided to monitor your progress and ensure your symptoms resolve to your satisfaction.