Pelvic pain is a sensation of discomfort often felt around the lower abdomen and pelvis.

What is it?

There are many different conditions that sit under the banner of pelvic pain. In C&WH Physio, the pain is often reported internally, either vaginally or rectally. It is often reported for women during intercourse. It ranges in severity as well the type of pain people describe ie. Sharp, stabbing, dull ache.

Who does it affect?

Pelvic pain can affect anyone. It is often related to past events including childbirth, traumas such as falls and accidents and sexual violation. Many medical conditions can also cause pelvic pain and these need to be managed in conjunction with medical services.

How can it be treated?

From a physiotherapy point of view, pelvic pain is treated with both education and a gradual return to normal movement and function. Explanation of someone’s pain makes a huge difference to their understanding of pain and therefore, their self-management and pain experience. Manual therapy along with guidance and support to return to normal function allows the body and brain to adjust back to a pain-free experience.

What can Embodied Confidence by Leonie Mills Physio do for me?

Leonie will take a thorough history of your pain including previous pain episodes. With your consent, a comprehensive assessment will be completed to determine the treatment required. Often with pelvic pain, treatment involves managing the client’s breathing pattern and down-training the pelvic floor. This results in a more relaxed resting state for the pelvic floor and surrounding musculature, allowing the return of normal movement and function. Follow up appointments will be provided to monitor your progress and ensure your symptoms resolve to your satisfaction.