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Dry needling can help with pain relief and muscle stiffness, as well as relaxing muscle spasms and knots to improve flexibility and reduce inflammation.


Dry Needling Services

Dry needling involves the use of thin filament needles to cause a muscular response, promoting blood flow and healing within a tissue. The needles used are the same as ‘acupuncture’ needles with a Western theory behind the treatment.


An Alternative Technique

Dry needling is an alternative or adjunct treatment to other manual therapy techniques such as massage.

It allows for penetration of the deeper muscles and clients will sometimes get a muscle ‘twitch’ response.


What can Leonie Mills Physio do for me?

We are trained to dry needle through peripheral muscles i.e. those of the upper and lower limbs.

If you are interested in dry needling, give us a call on 9143 1510 or book an Initial Musculoskeletal Assessment online.

Why Choose Leonie Mills Physio?

Our founder, Leonie, is the only full time, post graduate qualified pelvic health physio in Karratha.
We tailor the support to you.
You’ll feel like you’ll know us!
We provide a holistic approach to your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to the gym after Dry Needling?

You can, however, some people will have some muscular tenderness after treatment, so it is recommended to leave training for that particular area until at least the next day.

Is Dry Needling covered under Private Health?

Yes. It is covered under Physiotherapy codes 500 (Initial Assessment) or 505 (Follow Up Appointment).

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